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Tibetan Terriers are a relatively healthy breed, thanks to breeders dedicated to their health and welfare.

Lens Luxation

Lens Luxation (LL) is an inherited eye condition that was identified in the dog as early as 1925. It involves dislocation of the lens, usually in both eyes, though it may be unilateral. The lens may slip either forwards into the shallow anterior chamber, or backwards into the posterior chamber and possibly the vitreous. Subluxation refers to a lens which is partially detached but remains in the pupillary areas. A study in Sweden showed 4.5% of Tibetan Terriers were affected by Lens Luxation. Frequency of occurrence in the breed in North America is approximately 1%.

Lens Luxation itself does not create much in the way of vision problems for the dog, however it is the most common cause of secondary glaucoma or increased pressure in the eye which can cause blindness.

All affected dogs should be put of glaucoma preventative treatment, regardless of whether or not the disease has progressed to that stage. Surgical remove of the lens may be necessary.

Age at onset can vary anywhere from 3 to 10 years, though it most often occurs before 7 years. Early clinical symptoms are not usually noticeable. However, if your dog is receiving annual ophthalmic examinations for PRA, Lens Luxation will be identified at that time if it is present.

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