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Getting Ready

You've decided a Tibetan Terrier is right for you. Now what?


It's important to be prepared before your puppy arrives. Here is our list of recommended supplies.

  • food and water bowls - either stainless steel or ceramic (not plastic!)
  • crate - a Vari-Kennel "medium" crate (27"l x 20"w x19"h) or a Furrari/Innovator 250 will be the right size for most adult TTs.
  • soft bedding
  • buckle collar - rolled leather or nylon. I prefer the "Mes Amis" collars (size extra small for puppies or size small for adults).
  • leashes - a 6' leather or nylon leash is best for training, a flexi-leash gives more freedom on walks
  • exercise pen - a 36" high pen is ideal for confining your puppy when you are out or unable to watch them.
  • grooming table
  • nail clippers
  • pin brush - a good quality brush such as the ones made by #1 All Systems will last longer and be better for the coat
  • greyhound type steel comb - my preference is the one made by #1 All Systems
  • Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle or similar product to clean up after puppy accidents.
  • toys, toys and more toys

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the breed or are interested in a puppy, please contact Terri at:

(604) 857-0571   |

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Preparing for your puppy