CH Kyeri's Beri Tsang-ma NS ATD RATI


Tsang-ma is my little miracle girl. Her birth was taking a long time and we were just getting ready to head to emergency when her feet emerged. I was able to hold onto them and then help her mother by gently pulling her out. I did not expect her to be alive, but when she was halfway out she started wiggling. I was so excited... and even more thrilled to discover we had a girl. And a black one at that which I had really wanted. 
Tsang-ma is a bit wild and crazy and also very sweet and kissy like her mum.

Tsang-ma's Profile

Born: November 14, 2019

Sire: Kyeri's Xiahe Kalden

Dam: Ch Kyeri's Sengeri Karlha

Size: 15.5"

Tsang-ma's Health Checks

Hips: TT-4409E

Patella: TT-PA256


NCL: NCLB15463

PLL: PLL17747

PRA3: PC4670

RCD4: RCDD9270

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