One of the wonderful things about Tibetan Terriers is how versatile they are. While most of their time is spent as a family companion cuddling, playing with toys, going for walks or having a good chase around the yard, they also truly enjoy participating in many official dog sports.

Yes it is true some TTs are easier to train than others, and not every dog will be interested in every sport. The great thing is there are plenty to choose from! Want to show off how beautiful your dog is? Conformation shows are the answer. Obedience, Rally obedience and trick dog are the perfect venue to demonstrate how well your dog can perform various commands. Does your dog love to run and chase things? There's Chaseability and Sprinter for that! Scentwork and Barn Hunt have your dog using their nose. This also involves learning to read the sometimes subtle signals your dog is giving you when it finds what we are looking for. These are all activities we currently do or have done in the past with our dogs. 


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