Sprinter is a fun activity for dogs who love to run and chase. The test is a 100-meter dash along a flat track. For safety reasons dogs are inspected when they arrive to ensure they are not lame or unfit to participate.


Judging process

As this is a timed event, there is no actual judging involved. Dogs run alone on the track chasing a lure which is usually a plastic bag attached to a lure machine. They must run the entire distance and cross the finish line in under 60 seconds to earn a qualifying run.



Be individually registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

Be 12 months of age or older

Spayed or neutered dogs may compete



Titles are earned by accumulating points. The time it takes for a dog to cross the finish finish line is converted to kilometers per hour. This is then multiplied by a handicap based on their height to calculate their points earned. Titles earned go at the end of a dog’s registered name.



Novice Sprinter (NS) = 150 points

Sprinter (S) = 500 points

Advanced Sprinter (AS) = 1,000 points

Sprinter Excellent (SX) = 1,500 points


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