The Tibetan Terrier is an ancient breed said to have originated in the Lost Valley of Tibet some 2,000 years ago.


The Tibetan Terrier is very trainable provided he can see some point in what he is being asked to do and if training is approached in an understanding manner. 

Remember that for many centuries he has carried out responsible work on his own initiative. He is a self-reliant dog with an independent turn of mind and needs to work with his owner toward a mutually satisfying end. Those who consider that "training" a dog is a matter of browbeating him into submission will have no success whatsoever with a Tibetan Terrier. Successful training is dependent on the establishment of a close understanding relationship between owner and pupil. Where there is love, kind firmness and mutual respect, a TT will give of his best.

Good-humoured consistency will be necessary throughout the early stages of training. Tibetan Terriers will not immediately accept a rule and obey it unquestioningly ever after. They will test their owner in the same way that a child will, to find out just how far they can deviate from what is decreed and, being lateral thinkers, they will approach the problem from unexpected directions an unexpected times to see if you really do mean what you say. (Think again of the background of the breed. In Tibet a TT had to be something of an opportunist to survive. He has not lost the ability to take advantage of any loopholes or shortcuts that circumstances may offer!) Once the Tibetan Terrier has explored, and has accepted, the family rules, he will abide by them, though he will retain his capacity to use his own initiative if the situation warrants it.

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