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Getting Ready

You've decided a Tibetan Terrier is right for you. Now what?

Puppy-proofing your home

Puppies are busy and love to explore. Ensure your home will be a safe environment.

Check all electrical cords. To minimize the risk of the pup finding and chewing them, tack long cords against baseboards or run them under furniture and carpets.

While this isn't often an issue now, it is still important to check. If your home is older, beware of the possibility of lead base paint, putty, caulking compounds or linoleum base.

Are stair or balcony railing close enough together to prevent your pup from falling through? If not, tack something up to block the gaps, or keep him away from these areas.

Keep poisonous substances out of reach (bleach, detergents, liquid cleaners, mothballs, pesticides, antifreeze and medications are just some examples).

Check your yard to ensure there are no gaps in the fence that a small puppy might be able to escape through and repair as necessary.

Ensure poisonous plants are not accessible.

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Preparing for your puppy