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Getting Ready

You've decided a Tibetan Terrier is right for you. Now what?


It's important to be prepared before your puppy arrives. Here is our list of recommended supplies.

food and water bowls - either stainless steel or ceramic (not plastic!)

crate - a Vari-Kennel "medium" crate (27"l x 20"w x19"h) or a Furrari/Innovator 250 will be the right size for most adult TTs.

soft bedding

buckle collar - rolled leather or nylon. I prefer the "Mes Amis" collars (size extra small for puppies or size small for adults).

leashes - a 6' leather or nylon leash is best

exercise pen - a 36" high pen is ideal for confining your puppy when you are out or unable to watch them.

grooming table

nail clippers

pin brush - a good quality brush such as the ones made by Chris Christensen or Madan will last longer, be gentler on your puppy's skin and be better for the coat

greyhound type steel comb - my preference is the one made by #1 All Systems or Chris Christensen, although Andis also is very good

Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle or similar product to clean up after puppy accidents.

 Bitter Apple or similar product to discourage chewing furniture and other items

stuffed toys, chew toys, big toys, small toys, toys, toys and more toys

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Preparing for your puppy